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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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There is barely any cycle parking on whitehall - but lots of people go to pubs there to meet friends after work - it would definitely encourage more civil servants to cycle!!

Cycle parking needed here.

Beside the Santander bikes would be a great space and very helpful for those who work in the Nova building

Spacious pedestrianised square which is often busy and overlooked by shops so would provide good passive security for cycle parking. The square is where several main Chinatown thoroughfares meet and would be a useful central base to park a ... [more]

There is no cycle parking anywhere around china town / leicester square. What is that about? I like to pick up ingredients on the way home from work and have to use a lamppost (which I can't get my d-lock round...)

I commute into London from Amersham. Due to flexible arrangements, it is much cheaper for me to use Oyster contactless than to buy a season ticket. As a result, I'm unable to park my bike at Marylebone. Please sort this out. It runs contrar ... [more]

There is one already but needs another one outside 26 and 28 charring cross road

Outside Pineapple Studios and serving Mercer walk. There are not enough cycle spaces for this new shopping area. I regularly attend the dance studios and am always having to attach my bike to lamp posts.

Bike stands in the area are full. Pavement does not have a great deal of footfall and is big enough to accommodate bike stands without blocking pathway.

There are many flats in this area with no on or off-street cycle parking. There are also schools and several green spaces nearby. How is this encouraging cycling and healthy lifestyles?

So many cyclists unable to park because of lack of parking facilities. The ones available are already fully occupied. Even employer cannot offer space because it's a busy area with so many cyclists

This new development of cafes/bars has no stands for parking on Victoria Street. In fact there is v little in this area by the station.

There used to be cycle parking here, for perhaps 50 or so cycles. It has been removed and there is no sign of any replacement cycle storage. This would be useful at one of the country's busiest train stations.

There is so little around this area - whenever I'm searching for somewhere to park up I always see other cyclists in the same position and many bikes locked awkwardly to random lamp-posts and signposts, which fall over and get in everyone's ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

Hey Siri, show me a crushingly unsubtle visual metaphor for @CityWestminster’s transport policy

Cycle parking needed here.

Its a quiet walk street with enough space to fit two stands for 4 bikes.

Cycle parking needed here.

Would it be possible to apply for a lockable one?

SpokeSafe Oxford Circus

There used to be a very well-used set of bike racks on Old Bond Street, right by the intersection with Piccadilly. With the Bond Street renovation, these have been removed. Now the bike parking options in the area are extremely limited!

One of the covered/lockable ones would be best - houses on Linhope Street are too small to keep a family's worth of bicycles inside or on the pavement.

The stand outside is very popular with staff that work here but there is not a Knuth stands now the phone boxes are gone can you replace them with stands

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

There are existing sheffield stands nearby but they are always full and local laws forbid us from parking bikes anywhere. Please help!

This is right outside the tresury which encourage people to cycle to work, but there is no bike stands

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

The improvements at Baker Street mean it is going to be easier to cycle, but Linhope Street's pavements are too narrow to keep bicycles for a family; Ivor Court is flats. A secure stand like a bunker would be best here, as is found in other ... [more]

Cycle parking needed here.

There have been many bikes stolen recently, thieves are going as far as cutting a tree or damaging a sign post to steal bikes. The next bike parking is quite far so one located here would be very useful.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Large empty pavement area

Cycle parking needed here.

We need cycle parking near St James park - there is none in the vicinity and you are not allowed to use the railings.

We have a lot of staff that cycle to work, and at the moment our only storage option is the basement vault of our building which goes under the street. The only access point is extremely steep narrow metal stairs that are very dangerous, es ... [more]

Somerset House - so popular now, so little cycle parking.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

The area outside Picturehouse Central, where there is a covered walkway would be perfect for bike stands - especially if some CCTV was installed there too for security.

50 Sheffield stands! There is very little cycle parking around regent street and recently more has been removed Recent loop additions put. On lamposts are totally insufficient, and dangerous as they are too close to the road so parking ... [more]

50 Sheffield stands! This area was underserved and in the redevelopment, even the parking that was here was removed! Pavements are so wide, pedestrians can walk 10 across on both sides of the road. There is gym,. Supermarket and new st ... [more]

50 Sheffield stands! Massive space with only pedestrian usage. Bikes everywhere on lamposts on surrounding streets. Huge lack of supply of parking in south soho., pic circus area

The bike racks on Exhibition Road are situated too close to the wall to lock your front wheel.

There is plenty of space in the central reservation on Piccadilly for cycle racks

Cycle parking needed here.

Only lamp stands available to lock up to for the stretch of Long Acre between St Marin's Lane and Covent Garden tube, these are almost always full and not totally suitable. When I do find a space, I quite often find my bike knocked over aft ... [more]

1 Sheffield stand -,-0.1320241,3a,75y,176.52h,78.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNRRJYR9iyeGsBLFDkePwow!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

2 Sheffield stands -,-0.1321993,3a,75y,180.35h,85.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ss1Z5xY2dsr_ymYiVcTjyFA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Circa 11 Sheffield stands on the Page Street / Dean Ryle Street corner -,-0.1271087,3a,75y,16.03h,99.35t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSB1WLhgIJ1OlMguL2IRrsA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

2 Sheffield stands outside Millbank Tower -,-0.125257,3a,75y,332.71h,86.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stsXHiQoIUrud18S8gDeTWw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

4 Sheffield stands outside Millbank Tower.,-0.125319,3a,75y,332.71h,86.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQX3dA5DmeUK3FC0gLfuh0A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Set of 8 sheffield stands -,-0.1253857,3a,75y,322.86h,73.98t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smBHT7zYpw1M1rzSHQ55JAw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

We need secure cycle storage on the road, as a resident on the top floor of Delaware it's simply not possible to carry the bike up and down the stairs.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Lots more cycle parking is needed near the Royal Geographical Society on both sides of Exhibition Road. Many visitors arrive by bike and there is no provision in this immediate area.

Cycle parking needed here.

More stands needed near Carnaby Street

There is no bike racks at all. A few could be place alongside the santander bike stand at the tube station.

Cycle parking needed here.

Very little provision within Soho - particularly publicly accessible space for those whose employers don't offer private secure parking. Westminster City Council seems to be relying on providers such as H2 to create 'public' spaces, but the ... [more]

There are some cycle stands here, but they are occupied by broken bikes with flat tires that nobody uses.

There are no bike stands at all in this whole area! There are lots of Boris Bikes though!

There is a real lack of cycle parking on this road and heavily populated flats, if people are to be encouraged to cycle.

Cycle parking needed here.

Despite a major realignment )that has made the road dangerous for cyclists to use) there is very little bike parking and what there is usually is full. Parking required along whole of lower Regent Street.

Bike parking on Jermyn Street is completely inadequate and always full. Spaces required all along the street.

Haymarket has recently been realigned with a dangerous road layout for cyclists. You also forgot to put the bike parking in. Significant provision is require and plenty of pavement space exists.

The whole of Piccadilly requires more bike parking. Stands are always full. Where is can not be provided on the main street due to pedestrian flow/space, provision should be made on the end of adjacent side streets.

There are 20 full racks and endless bikes chained to railings and posts nearby. The pavement here is wide, with few people, and the building overhangs which would give plenty of shelter to the bikes. At least 10 racks would easily fit.

Cycle parking needed here.

There is basically nowhere along Newman Street to officially park a bike

There is no cycle parking for visitors to the Supreme Court. Lots of visitors are only nipping in to drop off documents so it would be handy to have racks outside,

As many as possible. Most in this area work in central. The tube is not an appealing option!

There's one parking in W23UL, where last weekend one bike was stolen and during december 2015 7 bicycles were stolen. We need somewhere to park our bikes in a safe way!

This pedestrian alley seems to be used by Motor bikes often but there are no locking points for a bicycle. Lots of local office workers and residents would benefit from cycle storage in this neighbourhood where there are currently very few ... [more]

Businesses and bus stands, but no where for cyclists to lock up their bikes.

This is on a part of the road where parking is not allowed, yet illegal parking often occurs. Showing the space is not being used properly. In addition, along the road, residents have bikes locked to fences, etc. because there is no facilit ... [more]

There's an unused space in Soho for much needed cycle parking. Would suit anyone working in adjoined streets.

No cycles sign - indication of need for more cycle parking near Parliament

A great many people live in the surrounding buildings and there are no lifts, and cycles cannot be left in the stairwells. As a result, cycles are attached to railings and lamp posts. The nearest bike stand is a few minutes walk away, and f ... [more]

A great many people live in the surrounding buildings and there are no lifts, and cycles cannot be left in the stairwells. As a result, cycles are attached to railings and lamp posts. The nearest bike stand is a few minutes walk away, and f ... [more]

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking. At least the Goethe Institute in the background doesn't put up no bicycles notices unlike neighbouring buildings.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Exhibition Road Lack of official cycle parking.

Cycle parking needed here.

craven terrace is full of bikes chained to different places around the street. Any day you can count10+ bikes of locals an people who come to work in the hotels. No single bike parking spot

There is currently no sufficient cycle parking facilities around Trafalgar Square, Strand and Whitehall.

Would be good to have similar provision as the next road down (Bravington Road)

There are no stands at all in Leicester Place or Lisle St. Can't make the location name search on your map work.

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